Speed Issues After Vectorizing PDF Files

I had a call over the weekend from a user experiencing “lagginess” in the graphics after importing and vectorizing 2x PDF pages. I thought I would capture the issue and solution here as a reference. The “lagginess” displayed as slow zoom in or out when all data was displayed. Turning off the Text layers made it much faster and more usable. Turning on the Text Layers again made it lag more again.

Right or wrong, TBC tries to maintain as much CAD fidelity as possible on imported data (this includes vector data out of PDFs). In this example the linework was not too heavy, and while there was a certain amount of hatch pattern data the issue was related to the Text items extracted.

in the data extracted there was a reasonable amount of text data. The text data was all mapped to a Text Style in TBC called SegueUI. The Text Font used in that text style was a True Type Font called SegueUI.

To solve the lag issue (which was minor on my laptop but much worse on the users computer) all I had to do was to change the Text Font used in the Text Style from the True Type SegueUI font to a stroke font called Tmodelf. On doing that and closing out the Text Style Manager full performance was resumed.

I have logged in a request with Trimble to see if they can facilitate that change automatically during vectorization of PDFs in a future release, however in the short term, you may want to add this step process to your procedures for processing vector PDF data.