TBC - GLK Mine Project Template

Trimble Business Center - Project Template

We have created an example Project Template (.vct file) for use with the RPS Earthworks System. This template can be improved and extended by you to better meet your needs as your use of the system evolves. We strongly recommend a good project template be developed and used by all mine staff using TBC in the management of data for Survey and or Earthworks operations.

When you start a new project in TBC, you will be asked which Project Template that you wish to use. The example provided here is called GLK - South Azimuth - Metric v1.vct.

The project template file can be added to your TBC configuration by doing the following

Installing the Project Template

Download the project template by clicking the file download link below

GLK - South Azimuth - Metric v1.vct (46.9 KB)

  • Open Trimble Business Center
  • Find the downloaded .vct file in your downloads folder using Windows File Explorer
  • If TBC is at the “Start Page” drag and drop the .vct file onto the small grey tab that says Start Page in the top left of the graphics area. TBC will open the .vct file
  • Select File menu, then Save As Template
  • Enter the Name: GLK - South Azimuth - Metric v1 for the template file name and press Save

Now start a New Project and select the GLK - South Azimuth - Metric -v1 template

TBC will open a new project using all of the setups and settings that are defined in the Project Template. The settings and setup include the following items.

  • Coordinate System for the Project using the South Azimuth Coordinate System agreed for the project
  • Metric units and other unit settings as required for daily use
  • A number of Layer Groups and Layers that you will need for creating Surveyed Surfaces, Digital Designs etc., for use in the field and RPS Earthworks Systems.
  • A number of View Filters that work with the Layers and Layer Groups to help you manage data visibility in TBC while working

You can modify the Project Template at any time should you find that its default setup is insufficient to meet your needs. Things that you will likely want to add are listed below

  • Text Styles
  • Line Styles
  • Label Styles
  • Table Styles
  • Dimension Styles
  • Blocks and Symbols
  • Drafting Templates
  • More complete Project Settings suited to your purposes
  • More or different Layers and Layer Groups suited to your purposes
  • More View Filters tied to your extended Layers and Layer Groups

You will also find that once the project template has been opened if you zoom extents by double clicking the mouse wheel and then roll the wheel back a small amount that there are some data points provided to give you North Azimuth System and South Azimuth System points that you can use to transform imported North Azimuth data to the South Azimuth System quickly and easily. These sets of points are numbered 1N to 12N and 1S to 12S where 1N and 1S are the same point in the two coordinate systems. When you carry out transformations of data you will be asked for two pairs of points, you simply need to pick two points that are inside the limits of the data being transformed and their equivalent points in the South Azimuth system e.g. 1N and 6N then 1S and 6S.

All of these points are placed on layers in the 99 - SITE DATA Layer Group. The layers used are called

  • SITE - Transform Points - North for the North Azimuth Points
  • SITE - Transform Points - South for the South Azimuth Points

To learn how to transform data please refer to the TBC - Data Transformation Post

When the transformation points are not in use, you can turn those layers off so that your project extents is limited to the area in which you are working only.