Takeoff Lines Improvement

Can we get the Takeoff Lines command to show the elevation that the node has taken on when it snaps to a 3D object? When you create a linestring using the regular command, it is a good check that you can see what elevation the linestring took on at the point you snapped to. The Takeoff Lines command does not seem to have an option for that. The first image shows the Takeoff Lines command snapped to a point. The second image shows the Create Linestring command snapped to the same point.

I feel like showing the elevation of the node on the created line is a good check.

If you have Filter line markings in play it does exactly what you are asking - each new lime you add is added to the lines that display the line markings

I have the filter line markings command on CTRL F shortcut - select the lines you want to mark to start off with (at least one line) and then CTRL F

Now use the takeoff lines command and start to draw - each node that has a Z will display its Z value when Line Markings is turned on

When you want to clear the screen of line markings - select another line and CTRL F to reset

This is Filter Line Markings command not toggle line markings on and off - the command allows you to only mark selected lines and lines that you create in Takeoff Lines - keeps the screen uncluttered and allows you to focus just on the lines you are checking


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I will try that. Thank you.