RPS Menu Ribbon for TBC v5.7x

New RPS Menu Ribbon for TBC v.5.7.X

Streamlined and optimized for an efficient takeoff & 3D modeling workflow. Simple left to right format that helps make the commands intuitive & easy to use.

Updated 6-16-22 to include new Rockpile & TBC 5.7 commands.
Updated 7-11-2022 to include Digitize Sections on RPS - Section Takeoff Ribbon
Updated 9-12-2022 - 5.7G - to include the Trimble Shrink Wrap Command

RPS Toolbox - v5.7G Menu.bin (4.2 MB)

RPS Toolbox - v5.7D Menu.bin (4.1 MB)


RPS crew goes up and beyond to help TBC crowd. I look forward to making the move on using a RPS ribbon as I have always been accustom to my own.

Thank you RPS crew


Here’s a new Menu Ribbon for Simple Site takeoff & modeling. Designed for beginner users. Would appreciate everyone’s feedback on this. This isn’t part of the mainstream Rockpile Menu Ribbon but does include the main RPS Menus, they are just hidden and can be shown by clicking on support / set ribbon tabs, and selecting the tabs you want to show / hide.

Thanks! Trev

Simple Site Modeling - TBC Menu Ribbon.bin (3.7 MB)