Tip - Paste Arrows into Text

I got creative today and figured out that you can copy arrows into text. This is useful for showing direction.

Now to just get it dynamic… maybe some conditional formatting

Copy these ↓ and paste into TBC text



Not supported but would be useful. i.e. high point with direction of flow

Not all of these work but give it a try:


Few examples of how I used this tool this morning

The font Symbol.fnt probably has arrows in it also Pat to do this. If not Symbol then there will be a text font that has them like windings etc.

You can also use a Two point block to place and scale arrows with embedded text if needed


I am not sure if your using the desktop keyboard. If your not, you can access the desktop keyboard at the bottom right corner of your desktop which look like a small keyboard icon. This will allow to use icons /emojis when typing. I will have to look up the name of this in case you don’t have the icon. I will have to give this a try thanks for the tip.

gave some a try using the desktop keyboard. some work and some dont. . this is an awesome find!!

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If you use the Font Wingdings 3 then the following characters are available to you in this font

using standard keyboard characters a-z, A-Z, 0-9, SHIFT 0-9, and the other characters on keys / SHIFT Keys on your keyboard as shown below

I don’ see a way where you can create a text item that has separate Text Styles in the same Text String so you would have to label your Arrows and then your Slopes - however I am sure that we could write a TML for labeling that did this with two Text Items - However I think I would want to create an Arrow shape / lines and the text and snap it in using either TIN Slope and Direction (single point click) or a 2 point selection (interpret slope from Point 1 to point 2) or (input the slope from point 1 to point 2) or input slope and direction at a single point etc.


Why not create a RPS command for draft text with icons???

agreed. and with common smart text codes that your could store or favorite.

TBC does support some of the advanced text formatting codes defined by AutoCAD. (see https://www.cadforum.cz/en/text-formatting-codes-in-mtext-objects-tip8640#:~:text=Text%20formatting%20codes%20in%20MText%20objects.%20Paragraph%20texts,are%20automatically%20inserted%20in%20the%20internal%20MText%20editor.)
This allows you to change color, text heigh, font, etc in the middle of a text string.
For example, create a text object, then select text and look at its properties. If you press the small button at the end of the “text” property, you have a dialog box to edit the text. To enter the formatting codes, you need to press F2 (which displays the text in “raw” format). So if your text was “Hello World” and you edit the text (while in “raw” mode) to something like “Hello \C5;\FWingdings 3;World” you end up changing the color and font of the second word.
If you import a DWG file and the text seems different that what you expect, you might view the text in its “raw” form to see if formatting codes were applied.

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This tip even helped on another program. HCSS. Adding dimensions and not having good enough arrows. I decided to use the desktop keyboard to key in arrows. works so much better then the internal arrows. I had to add the wingwall drill shafts and dimensions.
thanks Pat.

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Heck yea! Glad to hear that the tip keeps giving.

Is it possible to have hyperlinks in text? This is useful for referencing online manuals, point cloud viewers, etc.