"True" or "Quick Breakline" Command

Since triangle flips don’t stick, currently the only way I can figure to control the TIN, without adding more triangles and sometimes undesirable results, is to create a linestring then manipulate the properties to “Override the segment length”. - This is too many steps.

It would be helpful if one of the current line commands had the option, or a newly created command, would automatically ignore the system sampling distance and only triangulate to the horiz nodes without having to manipulate the lines properties.

Something along these lines would certainly make it more efficient to control the TIN.

This could be done in the Takeoff Lines command I guess - it is just a check box that overrides the approx parameters and puts the value to a large value like 10000 for the lines that are being created - we could add that to the AutoCloe and End after n points section of Takeoff Lines - if you have the new version (to be released tomorrow) then if you are adding the lines to a surface then they are getting added as Breaklines to the surface automaticallty.

If you like this solution I can get it added


Sounds like a plan Alan - Thanks

Maybe down the road… a “sticky swap” tml maybe :rofl: