Using Custom Ribbon file

When using Custom Ribbon files, when you go to options, and import the new custom Ribbon file, what settings need to be changed so that when you start a new project, it will keep your new custom ribbon tab?

It should stay. Make sure you have only one instance of TBC open when you do this; import ribbons settings, save, close the project and open TBC back up. Once you do this once it should be available for everything.

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The key is to only have one version of TBC open when you change the menus and then once the menu is as you want it then use File Exit to close TBC (not the X in top right) and that saves the menu config permanently.

Restart TBC and you should be good to go


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Yeah, done that already still same result. When I create a new project its goes back to the older default. Only one version running.

Thanks for the input on this. I do the File pull down menu and then the Exit. Then When I create a new project, still has the older version of tabs.