Utility Networks

I build alot of Utility Pipe Networks. When yo create the Pipe with multiple points and say they are shot on top of pipe. If you adjust the function to Invert of Pipe it only takes in account the first and last Node. Therefore it does not adjust the point in between on the pipe. You could adjust the Elevation by the Delta but that is tedious. We at many times need to shoot all the joints per the states request . I would like to have the invert in many instances. I have brought this to Trimble but still hasn’t been addressed I believe. It would be nice to be able to adjust the Pipe using all Nodes if needed rather than just the two end ones. Be able to either put the point to point numbers similar to a best fit line function etc. I assume this is something that Trimble rather than Rockpile would have to look at being its a Trimble function. I may be wrong though.


Steve check out the new option built into the create utility line that allows you to elevate the line based on different elevation criteria. This was released with TBC 5.50.

Hope this helps. I know it has been useful for me.

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You can only adjust the beginning and end node of a Utility Line. For instance if your shots are at several spots on a line like a Fiber Cable which is not running at a constant percent then the line when told it is Invert only adjust the 2 last nodes leaving the rest at top of pipe or what ever location was shot. This is what I was really referring to.

A couple of tricks. I agree utilities needs some heavy work but this may help in the interim.

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That is exactly what I was looking for. :+1:
Thanks for the info.