Vertical Design Flag Question

I have this error (see attachment) I cant figure out what it means.

At the bottom right corner, there is a flag. You can click on that flag which will open up a flag report. This will tell you what is wrong. Maybe two linestring stacked on top of each other with different elevations. Try looking at those lines where the flag is in 3D view or review the linestring elevation.

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it turns out the problem was related to a cross slope rule somehow. The six in parentheses was referring to that. I deleted it and reinserted it…and it went away.

That error is telling you that it is not finding a line to connect to at the start or end of the rule - that either means that it was drawn too long (past the line that you were sloping from and to ) or too short - it could also mean that the two lines it snapped to were not in the vertical design ie you forgot to add them into the Vertical Design.

Could also have been a quirk caused by a move of the rule and itost its connections - delete and reinstate would fix that

Sometimes you may try to.put a rule from a line that has not yet been elevated so it has no source line elevations to work with.

Hard to determine the exact cause without the data - the above would be where I woukd start to.look at least if I saw those errors