Vertical Design Locking Source Line

Not sure if this is expected behavior but it’s a bit of a pain.

Offsetting a line that has been previously elevated via a Cross dZ rule.
I then make the new line undefined (?) so that I can use a Cross Slope rule to elevate it.
As soon as I add the new line to the VD, the original source line gets locked by the system.
I am still able to apply the cross slope rule but its throwing the error as shown below.

Not sure what, if anything, I am doing wrong to cause this behavior. Please advise.

It is because when you offset it it has vertical components of the offset line and by default VD locks these when added to a new VD. If you change the elevation of the line to undefined elevation before you add this to a VD you won’t get this. Check you locks on the lines too. if you check this line off and rerun you should be all set.

Thanks Pat but I was ensuring I was changing the new line to undefined prior to adding to the VD.

The green line is already in the VD and was elevated by a Cross dZ from the magenta line.
I offset the green line to create the red line.
I change the red line to undefined.
As soon as I add the red line to the VD, the green line locks and throws a warning error on the dZ rule used to raise the green line.

I can continue but the error doesn’t seem to be expected behavior.