When I Add My Company Logo Into A Drafting or Project Template I Get a Small Square And No Logo

This happens quite a bit so I thought I would capture it here for everyone.

When you start a new TBC Project and save the project, it creates a Project Folder for the project. When you import Image or PDF Data into the project, the images are stored in the Project Folder and are referenced into the project i.e. they are not stored in the VCE file, the VCE file just has an object that contains the position and scale information and the path to the image file in the project folder. Provided the path is not broken you will always see the image when you open the project. However if the path is broken, the object is still there but the image cannot be displayed because it cannot be found, so TBC displays the object as a small square. If you click on the square it tells you that it is an image in it’s properties, but that is as far as it goes.

So the issue here is the same but different. When you create a Drafting Template, you will store the VCL files for the template in a location on your computer - normally the drafting templates folder. The images that you have referenced in the VCL file (company logo etc.) need to also be stored in the same folder. That way when you drag and drop the VCL file into the project, the image object that references the image file, can find the image and carry it also into the project. When you drag and drop the VCL into the project, the image file is actually then copied into the current project folder so the project can also find the image. If the image is not in the same location as the VCL file, then this cannot happen and you end up with the small square in the project because the image was not found.

When you create a Project Template, the same applies, the image file that you are using in the Project Template needs to also be in the Project Templates folder. That way when you start a New Project, you open a Project Template that references the image. The image can be located and associated to the new project. When you now save the project, the image is copied into the project Folder so that the New Project can always find the image file. Fail to do this, then the image cannot be found and you will end up with the small square.

Hope that this helps