Delete Duplicate Text

Something that is a very manual process is deleting duplicate text in projects. This can be a nuisance when bringing in a revision cad file.

Criteria for being considered duplicate;

  • Same insertion point
  • Same text
  • Same layer
  • Maybe an option for style

This can also bloat files and make files less useable for the field.

Anyone have any tricks for this? I was hopefully that it would be introduced but it does not seem to have gained any traction.

C3D has a nifty command for this: To Delete Duplicate Objects | AutoCAD LT 2019 | Autodesk Knowledge Network

Possibly try the advance select. Select by color if they are different colors. Give the Selection Explorer a try. Select the items in the Selection Explorer menu.

I have played around with these. They help but are not full proof. This would be an extremely handy command. Especially when dealing with different dwg revisions.