Assign Materials to Surfaces

Very curious if anyone has any experience with computing multiple surface to surface volumes that have materials tied to them. Similar to how Site Improvements, using MSI Manager, are tied to site areas… but they are instead applied to surfaces that have been created based on strata’s that are ever changing based on drone flights. Please let me know if you require any more details, I am not sure I did a great job describing what I am after here.

Hey Will,

We are having an internal meeting tomorrow and surfaces is one of the topics. If it’s ok with you, I’ll bring it up and see if there’s a better way to handle that information.


Not sure that I understand the question Will - is this relating to your question yesterday? I assume it is.

The question yesterday was as follows

I have a site with a large amount of excavation. The excavation areas have multiple strata as follows

Common Soil
Rippable Rock

The excavations are being monitored by weekly drone flights

The user wants to determine the volumes moved of each strata type at each survey point in time.

The fastest way to compute this would be to build a straight line road across the site that has section widths wide enough to cover the full size of the site. Add the Strata Surfaces as Corridor Strata Surfaces to the corridor, add the OG surface as Original Ground and then add the Design Surface as a surface instruction to provide the total volumes.

Run a corridor Earthwork Report - these are the Week 0 volumes and will be broken out by strata material type - these are your target quantities.

Fly week 1 and then replace the OG surface in the corridor with the Week 1 surface. Run the Corridor Earthwork report and it will tell you the remaining Strata Volumes by Strata material. The delta between Week 0 and Week 1 for each strata is the amount of each strata moved to that point in time.

Fly Week 2 and then replace the OG surface with Week 2 surface. Run the corridor earthwork report and it will tell you the remaining strata volumes by strata material. The delta between the week 0 and week 2 volumes is the total volume moved to date. Note that this does not account for double material movements that may have occurred that may have been picked up by the week 1 and week 2 surveys

ie If you do a week 0 survey. In week 1 you push topsoil aside to clear the site of topsoil and then you fly week 1. The week 1 results will show that you cut topsoil in some areas and piled it up (fill) in others. In week 2 you assign excavators and trucks to load the topsoil and move it to a stockpile. Then you fly week 2. If you compare week 2 to week 1 you will see that the topsoil got cut from where it was fill the week before and got moved to a stockpile. This is a double movement of material that will be detected if you add the volumes reported in Week 1 to the volumes moved in week 2. However if you compare Week 1 to Week 0 and then Week 2 to Week 0, all you see is the net change over that entire period, so you would see in week 2 that Topsoil was removed and that a stockpile of topsoil was created - a single movement of material of the same quantity that was cut and moved aside in week 1 and then cut and hauled to stockpile in week 2.

If you want to know the total Cut Each Week then you can run a surface to surface volume between OG and Week 1 and then OG and Week 2 or between Week 1 and Week 2 to determine those volumes (that gives you the total cut of all materials, the corridor earthwork report will give you the remaining material by strata type that you can then determine the changes.

So each week you would get a set of results from a Surface to Surface earthwork report and from a Corridor Earthwork Report that you can plug into a spreadsheet as shown below to show progress over time - this is basically what our Earthworks system is doing for you.

Hope that this helps


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