Display crossing lines in profile view

Is it possible when viewing the profile of an elevated line, to also view all the reference lines that it crosses (see attached example from another software). This would be helpful when checking to see if services crossing each other clash, or displaying a quick cross section to measure distances between elevated line at a specific location, similar to a surface slice, except lines are displayed as well as surfaces.
Also if we could use this function to measure vertical distances between lines in the graphics area, currently we cannot measure in the surface slicer.
TBC can show the crossing refence lines but only after you have created a long section plot, this takes time to setup and cant be carried out on the fly.

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This would be something that can be done using a corridor. You would reference a 3D line when you first setup you corridor. Doing a corridor give you the benefit of creating your finish project surface, then you can see the whole project with you crossing lines. If needed, you can also create cross sections from the corridor with the reference lines.