Corridor Strings - individual write command

Alan, how about a enhancement that allows to write strings of a corridor? IE: if i just want the edge of pavement line and not all breaklines. This would be useful for clients using curb machine where they only want one line

That one is already on my list - but here is a work around I shared with the trainees at the last couple of classes that I use quite a bit

  1. In the Template Instruction where you assign a Material Layer to the nodes / links you are creating - you can create a Material Layer called Temp or something like that, and then double tag a link between two nodes as both eg FG and Temp. Then you can set Temp to be the Material Layer on your Corridor Surface or actually create a Corridor Surface using the Temp Material Layer so that anything you tag that way is in that Temp surface. Then you can explode the Temp Surface and that will just give you the strings that you have in that surface - you can then untag the material layer Temp on that instruction and if needed add the lines generated by the Explode to the Corridor as reference Lines so you can use them to complete your models

I use that approach all the time when I am modeling Gores and Ramps to create the strings I need to build the final model - eg where the sideslope from a Ramp ties to the Sideslope of the main line before the ramp Sideslope veers off and ties to OG instead or where a NB Road ties at the Median to the SB Road in the median where the Tie Point is Above or Below the existing.

This was part of what I covered in the recent Advanced Corridor Modeling Class

Hope that this helps