Corridor - Strip Top Soil Under Corridor

Is there a way to setup it up so that topsoil is automatically stripped under a corridor? I tried using surface strata and this works fine in a cut section but in a fill section it is leaving the topsoil which we would need to remove.

I am hesitant to using stripping boundaries because if we raise/lower the road we have to keep updating our boundary.

You have to tie your catch points to the surface vertically, or continue your slope to tie to it.

In this case I was able to accomplish this using the surface instruction a vertical offset. I think in some cases with conditional statements, getting the surface extents could be tricky. There needs to be a way to limit the extents based on the extents of the design surface.

Thanks @Gavin_Jones. This is close to how I approached this. It would be nice if you could limit the surface instruction based on instruction with a corridor reference surface.