Displaying the cuts and fills in different colors

I created a CF map of some UTBC grade we verified. I was wanting the cuts to be displayed in red and the fills in Blue. They all come out as the same color. It’s easier to visualize when looking at the map what is what if displayed in different colors. Rather the looking for the Cut and Fill beside the numbers. Am I missing a setting somewhere? We have a tolerance of +0.03 both ways. If anyone has some insight that would be great. Thanks

Set up a color map TCF for exactly how you want it to look - in those you can enter specific elevation break points like 0,0.03, .1, .25, .5, 1 etc and same below at -0.03 etc. Note in the TCF the values are all metric so you have to convert your US Feet values into Metric values. For each range you define you can assign a different color to get the look that you need ie green between 0 and 0.03 and 0 and -0.03 and then reds or blues for the out of tolerance values as you see fit.

I have given out TCF files at PUGS before and I believe there are some on the Forun in the Templates and libraries category - if not let me know and I can post some later this am