Error when importing CSV file

I’m trying to find out if Import Boring logs Command would help our client. I have downloaded example TBC project and csv files, but I’m getting this error when I choose the csv file. Any of the three example csv doesn’t work.

I just downloaded all the files from the command page and it all worked OK for me

  1. Check that you have the latest version of the command
  2. Download the files again and open them in Excel to check that they look correct
  3. If that is still failing we can do a GoTo Meeting to go over it

email me at or call my cell +1 720 323 0481 and we can look at it together.

What version of TBC are you running?


Problem was Decimal symbol. I had to change this from comma to dot in Windows settings and restart TBC. Then I was able to read example Borelohes csv files

Sorry - those files were set up for the csv US style