TBC import error of a Access .jxl

I am getting this error when I import a .jxl or .job file into TBC. This is a new project that was created in the field.

We will need the file to take a look at this for you


XEBEC BELFAST 1A&B 022622.jxl (2.3 MB) XEBEC BELFAST 1A&B.job (418.0 KB)

Was a solution determined?

The JXL file imports fine into 5.7.1 as far as I can tell

The JOB file in the link doesn’t download so I cannot tell with the JOB file.

I had some issues a while back with .JXL files importing into TBC 5.7x. The resolution in my case was running Cleanup Utility and doing new install. Seemed to be some type bug within Importing of JXL files.