Graphics Glitch - All my Lines go Thick

This is a glitch caused by the Hoops graphics engine that we use in TBC and its interaction with your Graphics Card and your Graphics Driver selection. If this is happening a lot then you have something clashing regularly - so you have some options. It is hard to tell you exactly which option will be best because it depends on the age of your laptop / graphics card and what operating system you are using etc.

  1. Check your Graphics Card Driver is 100% up to date

  2. Check your System e.g. Bios and System Drivers are 100% up to date with your PC Manufacturers recommendations

  3. Check your Windows Updates are 100% up to date

Once the above is done - run TBC for a while and see if the problem is cured or at least is better

If you are still seeing regular issues then do the following

Go to Support, Options, and Advanced - you can try using different versions of Direct X - the default for Windows 10 is DIrectX 11, but you can downgrade to DirectX 9 and try that. If that fails to improve things then try the OpenGL and OpenGL2 options and as a last resort you can try the Windows GDI

Last option - sometimes laptops offer two graphics cards in the computer, a really good card like Nvidia and a Graphics Card from eg Intel - sometimes these can clash so you can try disabling the Intel or similar one leaving the Nvidia or similar as the only Graphics Card for the software to use.

This issue is more prevalent on some computers more than others and is normally related to one of the above issues. I have a new Dell Precision this year (in Jan) and I have not seen this issue once all year - so getting the right combination of settings and drivers is the key to success here. I know that it is a royal pain when it happens, but it can be typically solved or at least mitigated to a large extent when you do all of the above.

The issues related to system management are very common - each update of TBC is tested against the latest system elements of Windows, Hoops, Bios etc. and so a new version of TBC is expecting latest updates on your computer at that time - if for any reason you let those lag then the Latest Hoops can clash with the older system elements

I hope that this helps - let me know if you can get an improvement, if not I would raise a support Ticket with your Dealer and have them take it up with Trimble Support to get them to run diagnostics on your laptop and come up with some suggestions