Line Color change on Export to Field Design via Filter Settings. Change Chord length on Utility Shapes & Chase Vertical Profile


you stated that line color(properties) can be changed based on view filter and exported to field design based on these filter settings. I have tried and cannot duplicate. Can you walk through this?

In the wire frame of a utility structure, specifically rounds(Manholes), the 3d view chords out the circle. is there a way to tighten this setting? A 48" structure appears(its hard to measure) to chord around .75. I would like a smoother visual face…
I have been using the Utitlity module for ‘solid’ objects - one thing I am noticing with this, due to the planar nature of pipe, there isn’t an ability(that I can tell) to chase a vertical profile of a dependent line. This becomes node heavy when incorporating into a vertical profile. Is there a work-around for this that I am not piecing together?


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The view filter Overrides can be used in a dxf output to create lines with the override colors - it is a setting in the e port to DXF format. To do SVD / SVL or DSZ or VCL to Works Manager - you would have to DXF out the and then import it back or import to a new project before sending to the field.

The cording/ render shading is all. Ontrolled by the hoops graphics engine or through hard coded settings that TBC developers send to the hoops engine for rendering. If you are using the custom utility workflow to send shapes along a line to produce an extrusion then you can do your own chording and not use arcs in your sectional shape - this will give you what you want in the section shape and that will give you a smoother look than hoops is giving with the curvilinear section - longitudinally my guess is that TBC is using the breakline approximation parameters to shape the extrusion along the line - either that or they have a hard coded version of those that they are using.

Hoops interacts with your graphics card - you may be able to manipulate the advanced settings of your graphics card to increase the graphics resolution but I have no real expertise on that and have never tried it so I dont know if it has any affect or not though.