Linestring by Station?

Well, just used the linestring by station command. Works wonderful. Do enjoy that is will take the code from the points and label the linestring that same code I was not sure if to post here or in the enhancement section. When using this command. Does it always create a surface and is there a way not to create a surface?

The linestring by station command doesn’t create a surface just the lines - did you mean the other way around? i.e. that you want to create a surface at least as an option when you run the command?

The Station, Offset and Elevation importer for TBC imports the points and makes a surface model from the imported data - maybe that is what you were thinking?


Haha joke is on me. After reading your post. This popped in my head. I imported two STATION OFFSET.CSV file to be used with this command. Did not cross my mind till now that those surfaces were built from importing the CSV. Time to remove this post.

I needed to create a polyline for centerline of 38 driveways. The fastest way I could think of was to use the plan PDF sheet and export as a excel spreadsheet. Station and offset spreadsheet created faster then manually typing out 38 driveways. Import CSV file and run Linestring by Station. This command saved me some time.

Awesome Frank - good use case