Station Offset Elevation Report

I’m terrible with these reports but I’m trying to get a report export for one of my clients. We built the roadway surface using multiple methods since it was a highway widening. Is there any way for me to use 3D lines and to generate a report that slices every 50’ along the alignment, at that linestring and creates STA/Off/El with the name of the line as the node name showing up in the report? There are multiple surfaces for this project. Do I need to create xlines and then create points at the intersections, elevate the points to the line and then generate a report? I really need those line names in it though so they know what each row is referring to.

Label Points Command should be able to do it - you will need to run Point Creator first though most likely.


Label Points as a report?

Yes - the Label Points has an Export function that creates a CSV output of what you choose to label. If you don’t need the labels just delete them after they were created (or Undo to remove them) - the report is still written. This way you can Label Points at the same time as generating the report.