Move Segment by input distance

To the best of my knowledge there is no quick way to select a segment and move this left or right some set distance from its current location. I find myself needing this quite a bit a bit with designs.

I usually end up offsetting a line and using ctrl drag to snap but either an integrated TBC method or a TML would help speed this up. You could use bearing distance on the end nodes but this doubles the amount of steps and is way slower than it needs to be.

I do have a request into TBC but think this might be a quick RPS fix.

You want a copy / offset segment or just to move a segment - what happens to in your example where it joins an arc at one end or both ends - you want a step in the line or to break it away from the arcs at each end and just move the segment - if you are going to do that then I would Break at the two ends and then use Nudge or use Offset line between the two nodes. If you want to offset a line between two nodes of the line then the new slope designer will do that leaving the original line in place when we release it shortly.


I would ideally like to drag the segment like you can today but with precision. If the curves and ends get distorted you can clean that using fillet or chamfer.

The priority is usually the segments you drag and the corners are a bi-product to clean up the linework.