Request Master Class - Creating Custom Report

Would it be possible to create a master class, how to create a custom report in word and excel?

  1. Creating and formating report result
  2. Add custom logos
  3. Repeating rows
  4. None Repeating rows
  5. Page breaks
  6. Sorting data and filtering results into the correct order (Boundary Names A1, A2 , A10 etc)
  7. Adding additional calculations to the result

Example template Custom Earthwork Boundary Report - Copy.docx (40.8 KB)


Yes I too would love to see Alan’s approach to this. It is something I have only clumsily stumbled through on my own

Agreed. I think there are also some holes in the curtain custom report setup that need to get addressed. A training would help highlight these and provide workarounds.

One request item that would be very useful for stockpiles would be if the custom report boundaries supported pulling media files. This way you could save pictures, 2D, 3D and the report would pull these automatically.

To do something like this is a very manual process and if you have to rerun the report :man_facepalming:. You are basically starting from scratch.