RPS Menu Ribbon for TBC v5.80

TBC v5.8 Menu Ribbon
Below is a new RPS Menu Ribbon for TBC v5.80 (Version 5.80C).

The menu configuration controls three elements of the TBC User Interface

  1. Quick Access Toolbar
  2. Menu Ribbons and Menu Ribbon visibility
  3. Custom Toolbars and Custom Toolbar Visibility

To load a menu ribbon .bin file, go to the Support menu, run the Customize Ribbon command, select Import and browse for the downloaded .bin file (download link below).

To customize which menu ribbons are displayed at any time, go to the Support menu, run the Set Ribbon Tabs command and turn On / Off the Menus that you want to display.

You may also want to go to the Tool Shed menu and select Menu Manager and then do the following

  1. Select Light / Dark Mode
  2. Click Reset RPS menus
  3. Click Refresh icons

This will ensure that you are running with all of the latest menus and icons for RPS commands.

Last Updated: Dec 4th 2022

Download this file and store it in a backup folder in your MyDocuments folder e.g. \TBC Master\Menus
v5.8C Menu.bin (5.8 MB)

Here are the Keyboard Shortcuts associated with this menu setup - save this in the same folder as the menus and print it out as a reference if needed.
Command Shortcuts v5.8C.xlsx (20.5 KB)