Takeoff report - Procurement cost only exports as yards


When I export my takeoff report (Explanatory) I always include our cost because most of the takeoffs I do is for in house bidding and helps to have the pricing included in the report. There is a option in the MSI manager that allows you to convert the Cy to tons, if you input the conversion. Below that is a place for procurement cost and it allows you to choose how you want it to output the cost. However no matter if I choose tons, or Cy it only multiplies the Cy in the report even though it is a tonnage price. I would like the report to multiple the tonnage conversion in the report but I cant seem to get it to change.

I understand that I could easily multiply the tonnage price by my Cy to tonnage conversion & output the pricing as Cy but we usually work with tons when it comes to select material.


I will take a look in the am and advise what I find - if it is a defect I will log it into Trimble.


Much appreciated. Thanks Alan. Let me know what you find out.

I tested this today and agree with what you are seeing. I created a test case and submitted to Trimble for review and fix

Will let you know when I get a status update


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