Volume Compiler

Would it be possible to create a spreadsheet view that will comply all the surface volume reports, against BOQ items

  1. Upload a BOQ
  2. Attach multiple surfaces to surface volume records to each BOQ item
  3. Calculation formula between the surface to surface volume
  4. Keep a historical record
  5. Add screenshots to BOQ items
  6. Output historical progress report (filter out possible claims, variation)
  7. Track Design / Work in progress
  8. Track what’s been done outside of design (current job has done about 40% more work)
  9. Add Diary / Comment to each area (reason for the change)
  10. Output project report for a QS to understand

This would be ideal for tracking variation works on a project
Tracking additional
1 . Site strip in each area past the design boundary
2. additional material borrowed outside the design
3. additional material borrowed within the design

Volume reports can be as simple or detailed as you like. From a quick stockpile volume to a full bill of quantities breakdown using Volume Compiler

Volume templates mean that as the design is revised, the volume calculations can be carried out again but exactly the same logic applied