Site Improvement Legend

I’ve happened to use the “SI Legend” on a couple of occasions last week. I’m wondering if that is possible to add to the tool "Area Measurement (or even volume of materials ) " for each site improvement. Also, create a similar tool that would automatically generate a legend for “length site improvements,” for example, curb and gutters.

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Great ideas Vitalli
Main challenge is that you may have 20 building pads all different areas and volumes - currently the site improvement just knows the materials and depths it does not know the area and volume (but it could determine that and store it as an attribute for example so it could be reported out more readily)

The line table can report the lengths but currently it reports each segment as it was written for cadastral survey not the creation of Takeoff Report Tables but again could be done - permit area manager does report areas in a table (not for Takeoff but the tools have already been developed)

If you run the Area Length Count report you can copy the excel cells and then paste them on the drawing using RPS Paste command - that may assist for now

We are working currently on a range of data prep tools to get the data right for Takeoff and once completed we will be working on reports and drawing outputs so all good ideas here

We will do what we can to get you where you want to be


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