Final As-built QTY's

Request to add new reports/site improvements for final quantities on completed projects.
As we near the end of our projects, more so ones with concrete. We do final as-builts so we can rerun those concrete quantities. I had the idea to use my site improvements to run reports for my final quantities. I am planning on creating a new FXL for this and will require me to open a new project.( unless we can replace FXL in current projects without rebuilding all the existing processed FXL points. which i have seen done in the past)
Here are some dislikes I ran into.

  1. it runs a report by not building a sufrace. it will run the surface even if you run a report. i don’t need the surface.
  2. i ran two report and both show different surface numbers. one does not show my length qty. why is that? see image below. “takeoff and custom reports”
  3. i would like to see an option to add plan qty to show up in the reports.

see item riprap CL B
takeoff report

custom takeoff report

Sounds like an extra report function

On The FXL file why do you need a different one to process the data - why not just extend the one you have - if you have TOPO Codes and As Built Codes use a different code for the different use cases in the same FXL file e.g. T-CONC is Topo Concrete (existing) and AB-CONC is As Built Concrete or use CONC-AB and CONC-T and put them in different categories of the FXL file.

If you don’t need a surface just the areas and lengths then I would run the Area Length Count report to generate that data - the Takeoff, Custom Takeoff and new Earthwork Summary reports all use surface models to compute the volumes of the site improvements so the surfaces have to be built.

If all you want is length, Area and Volume based on Area x Depth for As Builts etc. Then that is a part of our plan for 2021 to build some 2 to 2.5D Takeoff tools that will generate a takeoff report for all your counts, lengths and Areas or Area Volumes for a project. It will work in 2D, 2.5D or 3D and will provide simple tools to create the data and then to report it. I will make sure that we also can do As Built reports also from Survey data - that will involve tagging the survey info with the properties required - we can do that with attributes so that you can Tag in the field or on the points once opened in TBC maybe to somewhat automate that process.


My current FXL is setup to be layered to certain layers. ie…all flatwork will go to one layer, all asphalt/concrete roadways will go to into the same layer. Our pre construction topo is only to generate the EG surface. There are time when we remove existing road material to generate a existing road subgrade surface This does not need to be layered per item.
In the post construction as-builts. Each item will need to be set up on its own layer for a much fast count. When I go to create the Final As-built FXL, I will create layers for each and every item ie…all sidewalk, all concrete driveways, all asphalt driveways, all ty B riprap, all mow strip. Then when the as-builts are processed in TBC each and every item is in its own layer. This will also make it easy to name the lines by layer name and choose by layer to run the for now the area/length report. If by chance the PM want a specific item by CY, then the Takeoff report will have both, the area and volume.

This is something new I am trying and had a wild idea after doing a full takeoff project this past week. This should shave time off from use manually moving points to new layers as this is how out group has been doing it previously. This current project I am on now will be my first official project to do Final As-Built report to be turned in.

The image below is a rough layout for my Final As-builts